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Posted on: October 7, 2009 6:33 pm
Edited on: October 8, 2009 1:29 pm

09-10 Golden State Warriors preview

Nothing like a little Warrior drama to get the season started. Jackson wants out, Brandan re-injures his shoulder and Monta doesn’t think he can play with Curry.

First off. Nellie loves Jackson and Jackson respects Nellie. That being said I can’t see Jackson dogging it or Nellie holding a grudge. If this were another player and coach I would say there’s no way this can work. There’s no way this will not be a huge distraction. But I think both Nellie and Jax have enough respect for themselves and each other to get through this. Will Jackson still be a Warriors come season’s end? I think so. His personality and pay check make him hard to trade. Plus he means a lot more to the Warriors than he would on any other team

Monta was right. Nellie agreed. I don’t want to see Monta guarding Kobe, D-Wade, Brandon Roy, Joe Johnson, Jason Richardson, Andre Igudala, Ray Allen, Vince Cater, or Michael Redd. But I have no problem with him guarding Jason Terry, Cory Brewer, Kevin Martin, Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowery, Courtney Lee, Raja Bell, Delonte West, OJ Mayo, or AI. Nellie will make sure a Ellis/Curry backcourt has a chance to succeed.

B. Wright’s injury hurts. His injury means that Maggette will see more time at the 4, which was a problem last season. They need to rebound more at the 4. And as good as Maggette is rebounding… he doesn’t have the length or size to really make a difference on the defensive end.

The Warriors have log jam at number of positions. They have 12 guys who deserve to play and need to play.

Questions coming into the 09-10 season

Can Monta play the point?
Will Randolph play more than 30 minutes a game?
Will Jackson's request become a distraction?
Will they rebound better?
Will they defend better?
Can Ellis and Curry play alongside of each other?
Will they stay healthy? 
Will the pass better?

Point Guard


There’s definitely a log jam at the 1. Monta Ellis will start the season at PG. Followed by Curry, Watson and Law. Claxton will not see the court. The Warriors are going to need someone who able to run the offense and drive and dish.  Somebody on the roster should be able to get it done. Monta is more of a Gilbert Arenas type of PG. His vision is limited compared to elite PG in the game. Curry seems to have the best vision and true PG skills. Watson is a solid as you can get a the 1.  Law may be the 2<sup>nd</sup> best true PG as far as vision. But I’m not sure how much PT he’s going to get.


Defensively they have to concentrate on keeping their man from driving the lane. Who ever is playing must stay in front of there man. I can not stress that enough. When the opposing PG is able to drive the Warriors  bigs most help defend the rim (which they do pretty well). But that also means the bigs are out of position for rebounds and it also (because of poor man rotation) leaves there man wide open for a easy dunk. One thing I know with Monta, Steph and CJ is that they all have active and quick hands. That mean a lot of deflections and steals. I’m thinking between the 3 of the they should get somewhere are 4 steals a game

Shooting Guard


The 2 spot is the Warriors strong point. Jackson, Ellis, Azubuike, Morrow  = a solid core of 2 guards. Azubuike or Jackson will get the start at the 2. Who ever doesn’t start (Jackson or Azubuike) at the 2 will start at the 3. The bulk of the Warriors scoring will come from the SG. The biggest question here is….Can Ellis and Curry play in the same back court? I say yes when the match up is right. But starting Monta and Kelenna will be just fine. The SG must be playmaker as well. Each SG brings his own element. Jackson good all around game, Ellis a great driver and finishers, Morrow a great shooter, and Azubuike can do just about everything.


Again the SG has to keep his man out the paint. The SG must also get to the lose rebounds. 

Small Forward


Another strength is the SF. Jackson, Maggette, Azubuike and Morrow will see most of the time and I expect in certain situations Randolph may see a couple minutes here and there at the 3. Again the bulk of the Warriors scoring will come from the SF. Although Maggette will be coming of the bench his impact will be felt in a major way. The SF group must pass better and avoid costly turnovers. They have to recognize there own strengths and weaknesses. Maggette is one of the worst passers in the league, Jackson forces himself into bad positions, Morrow isn’t the best ball handler, neither is Azubuike.


The SF must help out of the boards. It is extremely import that the SF rebounds especially when the have a smaller lineup on the floor. Defensive rotations is also key. There’s a lot of good 3’s in the league who like to run off of screens.

Power Forward


We shouldn’t expect much offense from the power forward position. Randolph should get the majority of the minutes followed by Maggette, Moore, Turiaf and Azubuike. Brandan Wright’s injury really hurts. His injury means we are going to see more Maggette at the 4, which is exactly what I didn’t want to see. The Warriors need to be effiecent at the 4. Whoever plays must shoot a high percentage from the field…Which is going to be hard because both Randolph and Maggette love to shoot jumpers and neither of them are good jump shooters.


The 4 must rebound, rebound and rebound. The PF #1 task on defense should be to rebound. #2 the PF must defend the rim. I don’t see the PF having a problem rebounding or defending the rim with Randolph in the game…but with Maggette that’s a different story. By the end of the year Randolph will be recognize as one of the better shot blockers in the game. Thirdly the PF has to make sure he doesn’t give up deep post position. And the way you counter that is by hustle back on defense.



Warriors are also strong at the 5. Andris and Ronny have to be one of the better center tandems in the league. We all know that Andris is about solid as it gets. Great hands and he’s good finisher. I just hope he spins right every once and a while to keep his defender honest. The better he is in the post the better the Warriors will be. Ronny is a little different. While Andris picks and rolls. Ronny can pick and pop. He’s mid range jumper is pretty solid. So is Mikki Moore’s when he plays. One thing that I know about the Warriors half court offense is that the Center touches the ball on almost every single play. Andris and Ronny have to make good decisions with the ball and set good screens


The 5 must rebound, rebound and rebound. The Center’s #1 task on defense should be to rebound. #2 the Center most defend the rim. Sound familiar. I don’t see Andris having a problem doing either. (Hopefuly the PG and SG can keep there man out of the lane). Ronny on the other hand...has to rebound better. He’s not half the rebounder Andris is. Mainly because he’s trying to block every shot. If he continues to try for the block the 1,2,3,4 have to be there to pick up the slack.

Player breakdowns

Kelenna Azubuike (SG/SF/PF)
Strengths – 3pt shot, mid-range jumper, toughness, can drive and finish, strength, scoring, can play multiple position
Weakness – Ball handling, passing, on the ball defense, height compare to others at his position.
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Andris Biedrins (C)
Strengths – Quickness, great hands, good finisher, good defender, great rebounder
Weakness – Free throws, no right hand, limited post moves, foul trouble
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Speedy Claxton (PG)
Strengths – Speed, floor vision, leadership
Weakness – jump shot, strength
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Stephen Curry (PG)
Strengths – Quickness, jumper, floor vision, passing
Weakness – strength, defense, leadership
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Monta Ellis (PG/SG)
Strengths – Quickness, great finisher, jump shot, good rebounder, scoring
Weakness – defense, passing, floor vision
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Devean George (SF/PF)
Strengths – Experience, jump shot
Weakness – Quickness, rebounding
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Stephen Jackson (SG/SF)
Strengths – Experience, leadership, can make big shots, defense, floor vision, scoring, can play multiple positions
Weakness – turnovers, poor shot selection, technical fouls, trade demands
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)

18-6-7-0-2-43-35- 30

Acie Law (PG)
Strengths – Quickness, floor vision, Scoring
Weakness – Passing, shooting,
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Corey Maggette (SF/PF)
Strengths – Free throw attempts, Free throw shooting, scoring, good rebounder, good finisher
Weakness – Passing, shooting, poor shot selection
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Mikki Moore (PF/C)
Strengths – Leadership, experience, jumper, defense
Weakness – passing, rebounding, shot blocking
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Anthony Morrow (SG/SF)
Strengths – great jump shooter, good rebounder, hard worker
Weakness – passing, ball handling, quickness
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Shaun Pruitt (PF)

Anthony Randolph (PF)
Strengths – hustle, rebounding, shot blocking, ball handling, quickness, length
Weakness – Jump shot, inexperience, finishing in the paint, strength
Numbers (Points-Rebounds – Assist – Blocks – Steals - Field Goal % - 3pt Field Goal % - Minutes played )


Diamon Simpson (SF/PF)

Ronny Turiaf (PF/C)
Strengths – hustle, shot blocking, rebounding, jumper
Weakness – rebounding, no post moves
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


C.J. Watson (PG)
Strengths – jumper shot, scoring, defense
Weakness – floor vision, passing, take a lot of gambles on defense
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


Brandan Wright (PF)
Strengths – post moves, shot blocking, speed, length
Weakness – Strength, rebounding, injuries, jump shot.
Numbers (Points-Rebounds-Assist-Blocks-Steal
s-Field Goal %-3pt Field Goal %-Minutes played)


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