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What a win over the Celtics. That win gives us Warriors fans some hope. The Warriors desperately needed some of that home cooking.

I heard some good new today. B-Diddy aka Baron Pendergrass aka BD wants to come back home. I knew it. Why did he leave in the first place? I would take him back in a heartbeat. No hard feelings BD.  The Clippers can have Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford for all I’m concerned. I don’t care who they have to trade, as long as they can go back to Baron, Monta, Jack, and Goose. The Warriors management has to put all of their egos aside and do what’s right for the team and their fans.  Like I said before, this season is lost. Management has make sure they don’t make any moves that going to hurt them for the next 10 years just because this season is lost. Trading for Baron would be a move in the right direction. It pretty obvious that Mr. Maggette doesn’t want to be a Warriors so send him back to LA.

I lost a lot respect for Corey Maggette over the past 2 weeks. He has missed the past 11 games because of a bad hamstring.  He didn’t travel with the team on there most recent east coast road trip. Corey instead elected to get treatment in LA. He didn’t even show up to there home game against the Celtics.  But of course he showed when the Warriors are in LA playing the Lakers.

Great to see Monta on the bench cheering for his teammates…That’s the least he could do after ruining their season.

Marco is turning into some player. Not only can he score but he’s playing pretty good defense. I can’t wait to see the team with all of its parts. 

They should really think about changing their name to the Road Warriors. This schedule sucks.

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Gone til December

Jamal Crawford made an interesting comment the other night. A local newspaper columnist ask him about the trade, He responded, “Its funny because people around the league or guys I know who play for the opposing team are like ‘How’s Oakland? How’s the Bay’ and I respond. I don’t know. I’ve played 15 games been on the roster for about month and I’ve only been in the Bay Area for maybe 3 days total and that’s stretching it. I haven’t even found a place to stay.”  Long flights and long road trips. There’s no reason any team should play 21 road games before the first of the year. There’s no reason why any team should have 4 lengthy road trips

Check out these numbers thru December 23rd.
3 East coast road trips. 13 games total. (Toronto, New Jersey, Memphis, Philly, D.C., Boston, Cleveland, New York, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Miami)
12 of the 19 roads games against eastern conference teams.
2 Divisional games. League average - 5
13 Games in conference. League average – 17
19 Road Games. League average 13
11 Home Games. League average 14

Posted on: December 17, 2008 1:05 pm

Cold Play

If you’re shooting below 40%, don’t shoot. How hard is that to understand? Jack your killing me. 31-109FG over the past 9 games. That’s 28% folks. Nellie you’re not helping. I know he’s the team captain, but enough is enough. What coach would even give a guy enough minutes to jack up so many bricks? His bad shooting is infectious. Even our best shooters are having problems hitting shoots. I love Jack but this is unbearable. I don’t expect Jack to be a 50% shooter. Christ, I don’t even expect him to be a 43% shooter. We all understand that Jack is a ‘on or off’ kind of guys but 28% is just eating away at my soul. Something has to give. I would rather see Marco take 20 off balanced, one-legged, behind the back board shots against Josh Smith.

Corey, suck it up. We can spot a phony for a mile away.  You go 1 for 10 now all of a sudden your hamstrings are sore. I don’t believe you.  Man up Corey this is not the time, nor the place.

Good news, Monta is eligible to return as soon as Friday 12/19.  He probably won’t be in the lineup until January, but at least he gives us something to look forward to.

Posted on: December 3, 2008 4:27 pm

Very Superstitious

It’s getting ugly. I think this blogging gig is bad luck. Maybe its the Sleepy Floyd Photo.

The Warriors have lost in every way imaginable. Come back from down 22 to lose by 8. Check. Lose to the worst team in the league. Check. Squander a 13 point second half lead to the defending champions. Check. Hang with the hottest team in the league for 2 quarters only to get blown out in the end. Check. Give up 73 points and 33 rebounds to Al Harrington and David Lee. Check. Blow a 3 point lead with 8 seconds left at home. Check. 

Monday night’s game was one of worst losses in recent history. 

The Warriors have lost 2 games this season (almost 3, see Blazers game) because of there inbounding problems.  How many times is this going to happened before something changes? How hard is it to inbound the ball?  It’s like a NFL quarterback fumbling the snap or the catcher throwing the ball in centerfield after a called strike.

Defensive rebounding is also a major issue. I would say 2nd chance points hurt the Warriors but I’m not sure if there’s a separate category for 3rd or 4th chance points because the Warriors allow plenty of those too. The Warriors gave up 28 second chance points to the Heat. Second chance points are so depressing.  Third and fourth chance points are even worse.

It’s not going to get better unless Nellie sucks it up and plays Turiaf and Beidrins together.  As of right now, the Warriors would have to play a perfect game just to overcome their rebounding deficiencies. Nellie has to help his team help itself. As a matter of fact Ronny just needs to play more.  The scrappiest guy on your team should average more than 15 minutes a game. Especially when you team is getting killed on the glass every night.  Secondly Jax has to hit the glass. I love Jax. I love his emotion and confidence on the court. But I hate his laziness when it comes to rebounds and lose balls.

Earth to Corey, you’re not a 3 point shooter. How many times do I have to say it?  Stephen Jackson is the only person who can attempt a 3 pointer regardless of the situation and get away with it. Don’t ask me why he gets a pass….he just gets one. You however should never attempt another 3 point shot. No more 3 pointers. Every time you air ball or brick a 3 pointer it always leads to an easy bucket for the opposing team.

I have come to the realization that Corey doesn’t compliment Stephen, likewise Stephen doesn’t compliment Corey. It’s like they’re trying to see who can take the worst shot. When the Warriors stop scoring…it’s always because Jackson or Maggette is trying to force the issue and go one on one. The Warriors are at there best when the ball moves around.  I see it,  so I know they see it.

On a positive note, Jamal looked good in his home opener. Can’t wait to see Monta and Jamal in the backcourt together.  One thing that I’ve notice about Jamal is that he’s he has a hard time finishing around the rim.

There’s only 3 types of finishers in the league. Players who look to score in traffic (Monta Ellis). Players who look to draw the foul in traffic (Andre Miller, Corey Maggette) and LeBron James, D-Wade and Kobe.  Jamal Crawford isn’t Lebron, D-Wade or Kobe nor does he have the skills to finish consistently like a Monta Ellis and he’s not built to draw the foul in traffic. He’s going to have big problems around the rim. He has to decide what he’s going to be. As good as he is. He could be even better. Honestly he missed 3 or 4 shots in traffic. Granted these weren’t easy shots but they were makeable. A player of his caliber shouldn’t have a problem making them.  I would tell him to just try draw the foul. There's not a lot player who can mimic Monta. He talent develop because the refs refused to call a foul for me. I think it would be different with Jamal.

This sounds weird but if I had to pick a MVP thus far. It would have to go to C.J. Watson.  I remember telling everybody who would listen over the summer that C.J. Watson could handle the PG position. He’s not Baron or Monta…but he’s a solid player. Not the best finisher but he can shoot from anywhere. He’s diffenately their most consistant player and best shooter. He deserves more PT. 

I’m starting to see a significant drop off in Goose’s (aka Andris Beidrins) game. It’s pretty clear that he can’t create his own shot. And that’s OK. The great thing about Goose is that he knows his limitations. But I’m tired of seeing him try the same move over and over again. Dre at least pretend that you can go right. The Warriors need him to step up. All that basketball over the summer is finally catching up to him.

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Lucky number 7

Al you got your wish. Thanks for everything…I’m not a bitter fan, that blasts players once they get traded. That’s not me. I’m not going to talk about the ripples in your heads or the fact that you can’t rebound.  I’m not going to talk about how you think you’re a 3. I’m not going to talk about your terrible post defense. I will not….and I repeat, will not talk about the hundreds of “and 1’s’ you’ve given up.  I’m not going talk about how you’re an undersize 4 with no length or leaping ability. I’m not going to talk about how you faked an injury to force the Warriors to trade you. I’m not going to talk about how slow you are. I’m not going to rant about how Donnie Walsh was the only GM in the league who wanted you (Walsh drafted, traded and resigned Harrington when he was in Indiana). I’m not going to talk about how you can’t finish around the rim.  I just won’t do it. That’s not my style.

Instead, I want to focus on the positives. I want to talk about the times you help shut down Yao Ming and all of those 3 pointers you drained during the 06-07 season.  The scarifies you made to help the team.  Rebounding and playing defense wasn’t your thing…I get it.

Even though he’s 6’9”, Al played like he was 6’5”. Honestly, Al Harrington was a defensive liability. He couldn’t block shots or rebound.  I can hear it now…using my best Tim Roy (Warriors Radio Announcer)  voice, “Baron tries to steal the ball from Randy Foye…Misses…Foye drives to the hole where he’s meet by Andris…Foye passes to Jefferson… Jefferson passes to Craig Smith…Smith puts up the shot…And 1…Foul on Harrington”.

But seriously Al, the Warriors couldn’t have done it without you. Good luck in New York. No hard feelings

Looking back on it…the Warriors traded Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy Jr. for Stephen Jackson and Jamal Crawford. Advantage Warriors.

Sure the Warriors lack size. But they lacked size with Harrington in the lineup.  At least now Wright, Turiaf, and Randolph will play more.

That’s 7. As in 7 players who can score 20 points; Monta Ellis, Jamal Crawford, Stephen Jackson, Cory Maggette, Anthony Morrow (Jury still out), Andris Beidrins,  Kelenna Azubuike. Talk about fire power.

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Scouts Honor

This will be a quick and easy.

I hate to see people lose their jobs….but somebody dropped the ball. At least 29 scouts should be looking for employment . 29 GM’s should be trying to find who over looked Anthony Morrow. 62% from the field, 64% form 3. Amazing.  I can't wait to see Monta and Anthony play together. 

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Nothing But Net.

Baron, I don’t blame you for what you did. I know it was a business decision…You have to look out for you.  But I saw that look in your eyes Saturday afternoon. I could read your mind. “Damm, I should be playing with those guys.  Why did I leave?  That was a perfect situation. The fans loved me. The coach allowed me to be me. My teammates were cool. We had a pretty good team. Now I have to play with these clowns. Yeah I wanted to be close to my family but I was only a 45 minute plane ride away. I really messed this up.” 

As I sat down in front of the TV Saturday afternoon ready to see Baron and Captain Jack duke it out for 48 minutes…little did I know that a young undrafted free-agent rookie would steal the show. By the end of the game Baron and Jack were a mere after thoughts.

Anthony Morrow is officially my favorite player (until Monta gets back). Most of you probably didn’t get a chance to see this kid over the weekend. I know its one game, but this kid was on fire. I’m not saying that he’s the next Ray Allen or anything. But I think he’s going to be a solid pro.

You had to see the entire game to really appreciate what Morrow accomplished.

Early on, Cuttino Mobley dominated him on the block…fade-a-away jumper after fade-a-way jumper.  He must have hit at least 4 in a row.  It was obvious that the Clippers game plan was to attack Anthony Morrow. His Souja Boy like appearance made him an easy target. He looks all of 17.  Yet on the Warriors he’s the 7th oldest player at 23.

I really started to feel sorry for him.  I’ve seen the Warriors exploit a matchup and it can’t feel good for the player who’s getting picked on. But Morrow didn’t back down. More importantly, Nellie didn’t take him out. Every time Cat hit a jumper in his face, he (Morrow) sprinted down the floor and demanded the ball. 

Morrow has one of the sweetest jump shots I’ve seen in a while.  15 of 20 says it all. It seemed like every make was a perfect swish.  Seriously, he may have hit to the rim on 1 or 2 shots but that’s it.  On some of his makes, I’m not even sure if the net moved. I wish I was exaggerating so I wouldn’t be so excited about this kid’s future. But I’m not.  Even his free throws were nothing but net.  It was amazing.

I saw him play during the summer Las Vegas League (one of three summer leagues he participated in) and I have to be honest, I really wasn’t paying attention to him. I didn’t think he had a legitimate shoot making the team. But he quietly shot 71% from 3.  I don’t care if he was playing against 4th graders, 71% is 71%. Those close to the organization always spoke highly of his jumper.  Often stating “Morrow is the best shooter on the team”.  Doug Collins made an interesting comment about Morrow during the last week’s game with the Pistons. After Morrow made a difficult turn around jumper Collins stated “Man, this guy can really shoot”. What stood out about that comment was that was his only shot of the night.  How did he come to that conclusion after seeing just one shoot?

Morrow is just what the doctor order, a perimeter shooter, who can actually knock down a 3.  Let see if he can keep this up.

I hate to say it but….What would you give for Marco Belinelli and Al Harrington?

Sorry Marco. Tough break.

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The B Team

I have to get a couple things off of my chest.

I’m sick of these close losses.  That’s 4 L's by 5 points or less. 

Kelenna, 5 for 28 from behind the 3pt arch isn’t going to cut it. You’re killing me. Take the 3pt shot out of your game. Tony Parker did it, so did Monta.

Al, stop acting like a poodle. You’re better than that.

Warrior's fans don’t panic. It will get better. 3-6 with our B team isn’t bad. 3-6 isn’t good enough to make it into the playoffs. But it isn’t bad, considering the Warriors have played most of there games without Monta, Corey and Al Harrigton.

The Celtics are probably the best team in the Association. What if Paul Peirce missed the first 9 games? To compound the situation, what if Rondo and Ray Allen missed 4 of the first 9 games? Do honestly think that the Celtics would 8-2. I would say they would be a .500 team at best.

I have been saying this for the past 3 season…”The Warriors aren’t good enough to win without all of there parts”. Few teams could even compete with 3 starters missing, let alone find a way to win a couple of games.

Kenny Smith made a couple of slick comments about Andris last night.  Respect the man’s talents. Nobody is saying that he’s Patrick Ewing but he’s a good player who knows his limitations.

Nellie, I see your having problems with dividing up the minutes…Here’s my gift to you.

C.J. Watson – 16 min
Stephen Jackson – 20 min
Kelenna Azubuike – 6 min
Damarcus Nelson – 6 min

Stephen Jackson – 20 min
Marco Belinelli  – 10 min
Kelenna Azubuike – 10 min
Anthony Morrow – 8 min

Corey Maggette – 30 min
Kelenna Azubuike – 10 min
Anthony Randolph – 8 min

Brandon Wright – 25 min
Anthony Randolph – 15 min
Ronny Turiaf – 8 min

Andris Biedrins – 36 min
Ronny Turiaf – 12 min

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