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Posted on: December 9, 2008 3:52 pm

Road whimps or Warriors

The bad: The NBA must have something against the Warriors. The Warriors have played 13 road games thus far, Including 2 east coast road trips. Only the Blazers have played more road games (15). By the years end the Warriors would have played close to 60% of there road games (24, most in the NBA) including their final east coast road trip.  Maybe they should be called the Golden State Road Warriors. Well maybe not, I’m sure Hawk and Animal wouldn’t appreciate that since the Warriors are only 3-10 on the road.   

The good: The Warriors will only have to set there watches to Eastern Standard Time once in 2009. With Monta coming back sometime in January, if there’s any chance at making a push, the Warriors have to get it done in February. Why February? Because the Warriors only leave California once the entire month.  With only 2 road games the entire month, the Warriors have a chance to finish the season on a good note.

Posted on: November 17, 2008 4:00 pm

Nothing But Net.

Baron, I don’t blame you for what you did. I know it was a business decision…You have to look out for you.  But I saw that look in your eyes Saturday afternoon. I could read your mind. “Damm, I should be playing with those guys.  Why did I leave?  That was a perfect situation. The fans loved me. The coach allowed me to be me. My teammates were cool. We had a pretty good team. Now I have to play with these clowns. Yeah I wanted to be close to my family but I was only a 45 minute plane ride away. I really messed this up.” 

As I sat down in front of the TV Saturday afternoon ready to see Baron and Captain Jack duke it out for 48 minutes…little did I know that a young undrafted free-agent rookie would steal the show. By the end of the game Baron and Jack were a mere after thoughts.

Anthony Morrow is officially my favorite player (until Monta gets back). Most of you probably didn’t get a chance to see this kid over the weekend. I know its one game, but this kid was on fire. I’m not saying that he’s the next Ray Allen or anything. But I think he’s going to be a solid pro.

You had to see the entire game to really appreciate what Morrow accomplished.

Early on, Cuttino Mobley dominated him on the block…fade-a-away jumper after fade-a-way jumper.  He must have hit at least 4 in a row.  It was obvious that the Clippers game plan was to attack Anthony Morrow. His Souja Boy like appearance made him an easy target. He looks all of 17.  Yet on the Warriors he’s the 7th oldest player at 23.

I really started to feel sorry for him.  I’ve seen the Warriors exploit a matchup and it can’t feel good for the player who’s getting picked on. But Morrow didn’t back down. More importantly, Nellie didn’t take him out. Every time Cat hit a jumper in his face, he (Morrow) sprinted down the floor and demanded the ball. 

Morrow has one of the sweetest jump shots I’ve seen in a while.  15 of 20 says it all. It seemed like every make was a perfect swish.  Seriously, he may have hit to the rim on 1 or 2 shots but that’s it.  On some of his makes, I’m not even sure if the net moved. I wish I was exaggerating so I wouldn’t be so excited about this kid’s future. But I’m not.  Even his free throws were nothing but net.  It was amazing.

I saw him play during the summer Las Vegas League (one of three summer leagues he participated in) and I have to be honest, I really wasn’t paying attention to him. I didn’t think he had a legitimate shoot making the team. But he quietly shot 71% from 3.  I don’t care if he was playing against 4th graders, 71% is 71%. Those close to the organization always spoke highly of his jumper.  Often stating “Morrow is the best shooter on the team”.  Doug Collins made an interesting comment about Morrow during the last week’s game with the Pistons. After Morrow made a difficult turn around jumper Collins stated “Man, this guy can really shoot”. What stood out about that comment was that was his only shot of the night.  How did he come to that conclusion after seeing just one shoot?

Morrow is just what the doctor order, a perimeter shooter, who can actually knock down a 3.  Let see if he can keep this up.

I hate to say it but….What would you give for Marco Belinelli and Al Harrington?

Sorry Marco. Tough break.

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