Posted on: December 29, 2008 6:00 pm


What a win over the Celtics. That win gives us Warriors fans some hope. The Warriors desperately needed some of that home cooking.

I heard some good new today. B-Diddy aka Baron Pendergrass aka BD wants to come back home. I knew it. Why did he leave in the first place? I would take him back in a heartbeat. No hard feelings BD.  The Clippers can have Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford for all I’m concerned. I don’t care who they have to trade, as long as they can go back to Baron, Monta, Jack, and Goose. The Warriors management has to put all of their egos aside and do what’s right for the team and their fans.  Like I said before, this season is lost. Management has make sure they don’t make any moves that going to hurt them for the next 10 years just because this season is lost. Trading for Baron would be a move in the right direction. It pretty obvious that Mr. Maggette doesn’t want to be a Warriors so send him back to LA.

I lost a lot respect for Corey Maggette over the past 2 weeks. He has missed the past 11 games because of a bad hamstring.  He didn’t travel with the team on there most recent east coast road trip. Corey instead elected to get treatment in LA. He didn’t even show up to there home game against the Celtics.  But of course he showed when the Warriors are in LA playing the Lakers.

Great to see Monta on the bench cheering for his teammates…That’s the least he could do after ruining their season.

Marco is turning into some player. Not only can he score but he’s playing pretty good defense. I can’t wait to see the team with all of its parts. 

They should really think about changing their name to the Road Warriors. This schedule sucks.

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