Posted on: October 27, 2009 3:16 pm
Edited on: October 27, 2009 3:22 pm

D-Pizzle’s 09-10 Predictions



1. Magic – Deepest team in the league.  One of 3 team that has all-star caliber inside and outside players

2. Cavs – Lebron +Shaq = Dominance in the East.

3. Celtics – Even though they will finish with the 3<sup>rd</sup> best record the are still the East best team.

4. Hawks – Same old same old. Nothing change. Solid team weak conference

5. Bulls – A full year of Salmons and Miller and Bulls will forget Gordon was even there

6.  Heat – Super player, mediocre teammates. That’s all you need in the East

7. Raptors – Just enough to get in. But not enough to get far.

8. Wizards – Health is the key to all of there problems

9. Sixers – Look for Lou Williams to have a breakout year

10. Pacers – Will be in the playoff hunt until the last day of the season.

11. Pistons – Not enough fire power to make any noise. Sad end to a great era of basketball

12. Nets – Better than you may think. Harris and Lee will be a handful

13. Knicks -  Al Harrington is the most overrated player in the NBA.

14. Bobcats – Injuries to Reja Bell will hurt

15. BucksMichael Redd is a great # 2 not a #1



1. Lakers – Bynum gets hurt again. But Artest does all the little things

2. Mavs – To much talent, to many guys that can play

3. Spurs – Old faithful. It doesn’t matter to they this is just an exercise.

4. Nuggets – Solid season, Melo get some MVP votes

5. Blazers – Roy is too much to handle  

6. Hornets – CP3 wills his team into the playoffs.

7. Jazz – You can never count a Jerry Sloan coached team out

8. WarriorsAnthony Morrow win MIP and Monta does a decent job at the PG

9.  Suns – Channing Fye has breakout year, Amare doesn’t

10. Rockets – Just enough to keep there head above water.

11. Clippers – Griffin out for 6-8 weeks. There goes Baron’s motivation

12. Grizzles – Bad off-season moves. Talking about killing team chemistry

13. Thunder – To young to inconsistent

14. T-Wolves – Love’s injury is going to hurt bad.

15. Kings – K-Mart and Evans are solid but that’s where it stops.
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