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Maggette Ratio

I know its only 2 games but this is getting ridiculous. Corey Maggette. 23.8% from the field.  Is that how you feel Corey?  I literally turn the TV off when Corey gets the ball. I already know what’s going to happen.

I just play it all out in my mind. Corey gets the ball about 15-19ft from the basketball usually above the elbow.  The defender sags off Corey. The defender dares Corey to take the shot.   What does Corey do? He takes the bait and launches a jumper and bricks.  Maggette is 5-21 on the year.  

But I’m hear to solve problems not just talk about them.

That’s why I have developed he Maggette Ratio (4:1) to help Nellie out.  That’s 4 free throw attempts per 1 field goal attempt. If Maggette fail to abide by this rule he should be benched immediately. No question asked. I don’t care if he has 19 rebounds.

He single handedly lost the game against the Rockets. I’ve never seen a 3<sup>rd</sup> or 4<sup>th</sup> option so stubborn.  But you have to blame Nellie for giving him such a long leash, especially when you have Azubuike who’s a much better all around player.

Corey you can’t be something you’re not. Everybody in the Association knows what you do. Stick to your game and if you can’t drive to the rack…doing something different like pass instead of hoisting up a 17 footer.

Besides Maggette horrific shooting, turnovers are killing the Warriors.  Even though they play fast, the Warriors have always protected the ball pretty good. In the first few games, the Warriors have turned the ball over 38 times.  Who’s leading the charge?   Ellis (8), Jackson (6) and my man Maggette (6).  Monta is just lazy with the ball. A lot lazy passes. 95% of his TO are unforced errors.  Just plane laziness on his part.  He needs to valve every pass and every possession. Jackson tries a little to hard. He has to understand risk/reward. He takes to many chances. Or he just forces himself on the defense which leads to him arguing with the refs while the opposing makes an easy bucket on the other end.  Maggette turnover are out of frustration.  Curry is also up there with 5 turnovers. 4 of them being carrying calls. He has to keep his hand on top of the ball. 4 carrying calls in 2 games lead me to believe that’s this is a serious problem.  

A couple things I’ve learned so far.

Curry is a legit PG

The Association knows who Anthony Morrow is

The Warriors must defend the 3 better

Jackson, Ellis, and Maggette should never be on the floor together

Maggette and Jackson should never be on the floor together

Without Curry in the lineup, there’s absolutely zero ball movement.

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D-Pizzle’s 09-10 Predictions



1. Magic – Deepest team in the league.  One of 3 team that has all-star caliber inside and outside players

2. Cavs – Lebron +Shaq = Dominance in the East.

3. Celtics – Even though they will finish with the 3<sup>rd</sup> best record the are still the East best team.

4. Hawks – Same old same old. Nothing change. Solid team weak conference

5. Bulls – A full year of Salmons and Miller and Bulls will forget Gordon was even there

6.  Heat – Super player, mediocre teammates. That’s all you need in the East

7. Raptors – Just enough to get in. But not enough to get far.

8. Wizards – Health is the key to all of there problems

9. Sixers – Look for Lou Williams to have a breakout year

10. Pacers – Will be in the playoff hunt until the last day of the season.

11. Pistons – Not enough fire power to make any noise. Sad end to a great era of basketball

12. Nets – Better than you may think. Harris and Lee will be a handful

13. Knicks -  Al Harrington is the most overrated player in the NBA.

14. Bobcats – Injuries to Reja Bell will hurt

15. BucksMichael Redd is a great # 2 not a #1



1. Lakers – Bynum gets hurt again. But Artest does all the little things

2. Mavs – To much talent, to many guys that can play

3. Spurs – Old faithful. It doesn’t matter to they this is just an exercise.

4. Nuggets – Solid season, Melo get some MVP votes

5. Blazers – Roy is too much to handle  

6. Hornets – CP3 wills his team into the playoffs.

7. Jazz – You can never count a Jerry Sloan coached team out

8. WarriorsAnthony Morrow win MIP and Monta does a decent job at the PG

9.  Suns – Channing Fye has breakout year, Amare doesn’t

10. Rockets – Just enough to keep there head above water.

11. Clippers – Griffin out for 6-8 weeks. There goes Baron’s motivation

12. Grizzles – Bad off-season moves. Talking about killing team chemistry

13. Thunder – To young to inconsistent

14. T-Wolves – Love’s injury is going to hurt bad.

15. Kings – K-Mart and Evans are solid but that’s where it stops.
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This Is My Stop Bus Driver

This is where I draw the line. I’m a lifelong Warriors fan. I’m there #1 fan. When it comes to being a Warriors fan…the best anyone can do is tie me.

That being said I was stunned when I heard the news that Jackson wants to be traded. I have stuck with the team threw thick and thin (more thin than thick).  I’ve taken verbal beatings from other fans, I’ve stuck up for Nellie, Jackson, and the entire Warriors organization. But this is where I get off. Its not that Jackson wants to go but it just shows that the Warriors as an organization don’t have it together. Should that surprise me? No. They have taken far too many steps backwards since making the playoffs in 06-07. 

This is embarrassing. The Warriors had a lean year this past season due to injuries and I really thought they would be a respectable team this season. But  you can throw all that hope out the window with all of this stuff going on. Not only is the news about Jackson is bad for the teams immediate future but its sets a bad example for guys like Curry, Morrow and Randolph. I repeat…I’m not asking for the Moon here. I just want a competitive team that has a chance to win every night. I just want some respect around the league. I don’t want to be laughed at anymore. I don’t want to be dismissed. Or read another national columnist slipping the Warriors an underhanded compliment or outright dissing the Warriors.

Without that respect, the organization will not be able to sign a all-star free-agent or make a trade of any significance. I took the J-Rich for Brandan Wright trade on the chin.

I looked past the Baron Davis ordeal. I gave them the benefit of the doubt when Mullie’s contract expired but this is it. There’s absolutely no reason why the Bay Area shouldn’t have a top tier NBA team. All blame lies on the Ownership. All of it. As much as I want to turn my frustrations on Jack (or Monta). I see where Jax is coming from.

As much as I like my Warriors fan brethren….I wouldn’t want to play here either. As much I want him to know that the fans love him, I can’t knock him for wanting to play for a contender or at least an organization that wants to win.

It’s pretty evident that the Warriors ownership doesn’t want to win. If they did they wouldn’t have traded J-Rich, let Baron walk or sent Mullie packing. Over the past 3 season they have got rid of the 3 most important guys on the team and this offseason will not be any different. I wouldn’t be surprise if both Jack and Monta are gone before Oct 27<sup>th</sup>.

I can’t be the only fan that feels this way. Some if not most of you have already reached your tipping point but for me it took a little longer.

Don’t get me wrong Jackson isn’t MJ. Or even DJ (Dennis Johnson) But he’s a good player. He can be replaced but with who. Just think if you were a NBA free agent. Oakland is the last place you want to play.

The Warriors did everything for Jack. They allowed him to resurrect his public image. They made him a captain. They gave him the keys to the car. They paid him. More then anybody in the league was willing to pay him. They allowed him to do what ever he wanted on the court. We know Jackson is loyal…loyal almost to a fault (see Auburn Hills, MI). Yet he wants to leave. Something is wrong…terrible wrong.

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Top 10 by Position

I’m back like your uncle who just got out of jail. I love baseball just as much as the next guy (probably more)…Especially now that the Giants are winning. Football is so exciting. I can’t wait to play some fantasy football. But honestly I’m really really waiting for Oct 27th to roll around.

October is the best month. Why? Not only because it’s my birth month (Libra and my name is D-Pizzle). But it’s the only month where you can watch the NFL, MLB, NBA and CFB. It’s truly a sports fan dream. In anticipation of the upcoming NBA season I felt like I needed to keep myself busy. So here it is my Top 10 by position.

Please note: I tried to place players in their proper position. I’m not Don Nelson. Al Jefferson is a PF even though he my pay C. Same for Tim Duncan. Stephen Jackson is SF even though he plays the 2. Monta Ellis and Allen Iverson are 1’s (Kind of). Alright here we go.

Warning: this is all off the top of my head.


1. Chris Paul
2. Chauncey Billups
3. Deron Williams
4. Tony Parker
5. Derrick Rose
6. Steve Nash
7. Jason Kidd
8. Rajon Rondo
9. Baron Davis
10. Jose Calderon

Not on the list but could be; Gilbert Arenas, Devin Harris, Mo Williams, Monta Ellis. Personally I think there should be a separate category for this type of players. Each player mention, isn’t you’re prototypical PG but they get it done. Andre Miller is missing. Honestly he’s not that good. Solid but not good. It was between him and Calderon for the 10 spot.

Scoring PG

1. Gilbert Arenas
2. Monta Ellis
3. Devin Harris
4. Mo Williams
5. Allen Iverson


1. Kobe Bryant
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Brandon Roy
4. Joe Johnson
5. Ray Allen
6. Kevin Martin
7. Andre Iguodala
8. Michael Redd
9. Ben Gordon
10. OJ Mayo

Not on the list but could be; Jason Terry, Jason Richardson, you know what this is harder than I thought SG/SF…not sure who plays where.


1. LeBron James
2. Carmelo Anthony
3. Kevin Durant
4. Paul Pierce
5. Danny Granger
6. John Salmons
7. Vince Carter
8. Richard Jefferson
9. Hedu Turkoglu
10. Stephen Jackson

Not on the list but could be; There’s a bunch of guys in the same mold of Gilbert, Mo and Monta. Like Rashard Lewis, Antawn Jamison, Rudy Guy, Loul Deng are they SF or small PF.


1. Tim Duncan
2. Kevin Garnett
3. Dirk Nowitzki
4. Pau Gasol
5. Chris Bosh
6. Al Jefferson
7. Amare Stoudemire
8. David West
9.  Josh Smith
10. LaMarcus Aldridge

Not on the list but could be; Carlos Boozer, but I’m not sure where he’s going to end up. David Lee, Troy Murphy.


1. Dwight Howard
2. Shaq
3. Brad Miller
4. Mehmet Okur
5. Emeka Okafor
6. Andris Biedrins
7. Tyson Chandler
8. Andrew Bynum
9. Greg Odom
10. Samuel Dalembert

This one was rough. No Yao Ming this season.

Remember fellas this is all off the top of the head. If I left somebody out let me know. Also remember these are projections for this upcoming season not what they did last season.

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What did I expect coming into this season? A playoff team, competitive basketball, fire, excitement, progress…I don’t know. But I know what I didn’t expect. GSW medical ward, rushing home on game nights (leave work at 5:00pm. Home by 5:30 at the earliest. Because of the wacky road heavy schedule, games start no later than 6:00pm pt), every offensive rebound by the opposing team turning into a made 3 pointer, every Stephen Jackson brick turning a easy bucket on the other end, Jamal Crawford

Everybody is calling for Nellie’s head. Why? All he does is coach. He doesn’t make shots or sign players. Nor did he instruct ownership to blow the team up. Everybody talks about how Nellie not a championship coach. Who cares? The Warriors are light years away from being a championship team. Championship coach on the Warriors would be like a Shark with a umbrella.  Fans should be calling for Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell heads. 

I was reminiscing the other day. I had to cheer myself up. I looked at the 06-07 Playoff roster.

06-07 Playoff Team
PG – Baron Davis,
SG –Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis
SF – Stephen Jackson, Mickael Pietrus
PF – Al Harrington, Matt Barnes
C – Andris Biedrins, Adonal Foyle

The Warriors were 66-36 with Baron and Jackson in the lineup together.  Why would anyone want to break up a team that won 64% of its regular season games…especially after 13 straight losing seasons? 

Stat of the week
Opponents are shooting nearly 40% from 3 against the Warriors. Making just over 7 3’s per game.

Jack is hurt. Although I hatet to see him hurt, I think the team will play better without him. They can't play any worse. 

Posted on: December 23, 2008 2:45 pm

Gone til December

Jamal Crawford made an interesting comment the other night. A local newspaper columnist ask him about the trade, He responded, “Its funny because people around the league or guys I know who play for the opposing team are like ‘How’s Oakland? How’s the Bay’ and I respond. I don’t know. I’ve played 15 games been on the roster for about month and I’ve only been in the Bay Area for maybe 3 days total and that’s stretching it. I haven’t even found a place to stay.”  Long flights and long road trips. There’s no reason any team should play 21 road games before the first of the year. There’s no reason why any team should have 4 lengthy road trips

Check out these numbers thru December 23rd.
3 East coast road trips. 13 games total. (Toronto, New Jersey, Memphis, Philly, D.C., Boston, Cleveland, New York, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Miami)
12 of the 19 roads games against eastern conference teams.
2 Divisional games. League average - 5
13 Games in conference. League average – 17
19 Road Games. League average 13
11 Home Games. League average 14

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Cold Play

If you’re shooting below 40%, don’t shoot. How hard is that to understand? Jack your killing me. 31-109FG over the past 9 games. That’s 28% folks. Nellie you’re not helping. I know he’s the team captain, but enough is enough. What coach would even give a guy enough minutes to jack up so many bricks? His bad shooting is infectious. Even our best shooters are having problems hitting shoots. I love Jack but this is unbearable. I don’t expect Jack to be a 50% shooter. Christ, I don’t even expect him to be a 43% shooter. We all understand that Jack is a ‘on or off’ kind of guys but 28% is just eating away at my soul. Something has to give. I would rather see Marco take 20 off balanced, one-legged, behind the back board shots against Josh Smith.

Corey, suck it up. We can spot a phony for a mile away.  You go 1 for 10 now all of a sudden your hamstrings are sore. I don’t believe you.  Man up Corey this is not the time, nor the place.

Good news, Monta is eligible to return as soon as Friday 12/19.  He probably won’t be in the lineup until January, but at least he gives us something to look forward to.

Posted on: December 9, 2008 3:52 pm

Road whimps or Warriors

The bad: The NBA must have something against the Warriors. The Warriors have played 13 road games thus far, Including 2 east coast road trips. Only the Blazers have played more road games (15). By the years end the Warriors would have played close to 60% of there road games (24, most in the NBA) including their final east coast road trip.  Maybe they should be called the Golden State Road Warriors. Well maybe not, I’m sure Hawk and Animal wouldn’t appreciate that since the Warriors are only 3-10 on the road.   

The good: The Warriors will only have to set there watches to Eastern Standard Time once in 2009. With Monta coming back sometime in January, if there’s any chance at making a push, the Warriors have to get it done in February. Why February? Because the Warriors only leave California once the entire month.  With only 2 road games the entire month, the Warriors have a chance to finish the season on a good note.

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